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The Declaration of Ethical Principles

    • We, being aware of delivering public services to taxpayers and citizens as Presidency, will fulfill our duties based on continuous development, participation, transparency, impartiality, protecting public interest and relying on self-declaration.
    • We will serve in accordance with the Presidency's organisational purpose, mission and vision.
    • We will make it convenient the fulfillment of tax obligations for taxpayers and provide it in a fast, flexible and efficient manner.
    • In making transactions and realizing regulations, we will base on the fair implementation in accordance with tax legislation, by maintaining impartiality and competition without undermining sense of confidence.
    • We will treat our taxpayers and colleagues respectfully and politely during the execution of service, we will give them due consideration.
    • We will notify the authorities upon request certain actions that are incompatible with the principles of ethical behavior or illegal business actions from our employees.
    • We will be sensitive about not accepting a gift and not providing advantage.
    • We will make it delivered to the relevant departments and answered applications in accordance with the Act No:4982 on Right to Information and the Law No:3071 on the Use of the Right to Petition as soon as possible.
    • We will be respectful to personal and confidential information of taxpayers. We will not explain and use this information except the cases required by the Tax Procedure Law and international agreements.
    • We will not act and execute in violation of human rights and freedoms or restrictive treatment to equal opportunity.
    • We will not use confidential information and documents related with public service in order to ensure special interest.
    • When exercising authority, we will avoid conflicts of interest and behaviors that undermine taxpayer confidence, raise doubts and harm sense of justice. We will value our services offered above all kinds of personal interest.
    • We will meet service standards that taxpayers deserve by training, informing and guiding staff on ethical behavior and by complying with legal and administrative arrangements.
    • We will ensure that public goods and resources are used in accordance with the requirements of the public service objectives. We will avoid extravagance.
    • When fulfilling our duty, we will not make commitment or binding statement for Presidency by exceeding authority .
    • We will be accountable, open and ready for public audit at all times on delivering services.